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Hydrangeas for Christmas

Hydrangea - Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Centre

The Hydrangea is in full bloom, and we’re excited to have them in our home this holiday season.

Enjoy the colours of summer all season long by planting them in your backyard, or, bring the outdoors in, by using some of these handy tips! We will show you simple how-to’s to make your very own simple yet stunning Wreath and Centrepieces

Hydrangea Wreath

What you need:

  • A wreath form, size as desired
  • Paddle wire
  • Beautiful Hydrangeas
  • Top tip: When you have young Hydrangeas, don’t use them for your wreath as they’re quite wet. Wait for them to age, until they have a slight paper texture, and only then will you have the perfect Hydrangea for your wreath.

How to:

  • You will need to cut the branches of the Hydrangea, making smaller Hydrangeas in the process.
  • Tie the wire and form a knot
  • Lay the branch horizontally to the wreath shape and tie the wire around the branch three times (make sure it’s secure!)
  • Repeat this process until fully covered the wreath form

Press play below, if you want to watch a video tutorial by Garden Answer

A bouquet or vase full of Hydrangeas can easily create a balance of romantic and luxurious feel to any room. Thank you, Goop for this incredibly easy pictorial!

To achieve this look, we recommend a cube or a round glass vase. A clear vase gives you the option to expose the Hydrangea stems or even decorate the glass by placing the Hydrangea leaves around the inner glass, giving the whole arrangement more colour.

You want to arrange the Hydrangea closely together, giving it a twist in the middle of the stems to form a full-bodied bouquet as a result. Cut the stem to the same length as your chosen vase; this will let the blooms sit right at the lip of the vase.

Hydrangea Centrepiece

Hydrangea - Garden Centre - Diaco's Garden Nursery
Hydrangea - Garden Center - Diaco's Garden Nursery

Images via Goop

You can grow your own Hydrangea shrub at home, which will bloom every summer. Providing you and your family with perfect cuttings every Christmas for many years to come. Now available at every Diaco’s Garden Nursery for $16 / 18cm pot.

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