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Garden Styles

Inner City Gardens

Garden Centre - Inner City Garden

The Inner City Garden makes use of all available space to create a tranquil, practical escape away from the busyness of the city streets.

Having a small amount of space does not need to limit garden design or use of plants. Imagine a space tucked away from the busy city life – a special sanctuary encompassed in greenery and beautiful potted succulents and flowers. In a small and built up area, you may consider featuring urns or potted plants, and you can fit plants and flowers into long troughs in tight areas.

Inner City Gardens may not even necessarily be backyard garden areas. You may only have a balcony or rooftop to work with. The Diaco’s team would love to talk with you about how we can think of clever, resourceful ideas to create an Inner City Garden to suit you. Our team is passionate about ensuring everyone has a beautiful garden and is able to experience plants and the outdoors regardless of what your living arrangements may be.

Potted plants are an easy solution for minimal space, and can add some colour and texture to your living space. Low maintenance, low growing plants are best for Inner City Garden balconies and rooftops.  Plants such as parlour palms and spath lilies can be grown indoors in pots, while practical plants such as vegetables and herbs are great for keeping in Inner City Gardens in garden boxes or pots.

As concrete areas tend to need softening it is best to add lots of plant life, and natural elements such as hardwood timber or sandstone. A practical seating area with an outdoor lounge or table and chair can create a useful and relaxing space, which can be surrounded by lush plants like succulents, palms and grasses. Colour can be used to distract from concrete and unattractive city spaces, so experiment with beautiful coloured flowers as well as coloured pots, furniture and ornaments.

With clever thinking, you can even add plants to your walls. Diaco’s Hanging Wall Garden allows you to plant tiny succulents or annuals and hang them in a beautiful wall arrangement, either inside or outside. Depending on the amount of space you have, a courtyard area can be incorporated, rather than lawn which can be hard to maintain in a small area.

Tiled areas can be overflowing with potted plants, as well as vegetable and herb boxes which will add colour, aroma and practical use in the kitchen. Pay a visit to our team at Diaco’s Garden Nursery for more ideas and clever ways to make the most of your Inner City Garden.