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Garden Styles

Low Maintenance Modern Gardens

Garden Centre - Low Maintenance Modern Garden

The Low Maintenance Modern Garden is perfect for those who like a practical garden that doesn’t require too much upkeep.

This style is common with newer style houses in suburban areas. You can expect a Low Maintenance Modern Garden to incorporate sitting areas, tiled or wooden deck areas, walkways, and plants that require minimal care. There will often be a place to put the barbecue and entertain guests, as well as outdoor furniture such as benches, pots, tables and chairs. For a full and luscious look, you can create a densely packed garden with green foliage that shades the soil from sun and high winds.

Plants can be potted so you can easily move them about, and succulents provide an excellent pop of pale green colour without requiring much maintenance at all. Climbing vines are also great for covering up unattractive areas of fences or house, and can be trained to grow in the exact direction you’d like.

As opposed to large areas of lawn which require regular mowing, fertilising and maintenance, wooden decking, pavement or tiling is perfect for the Low Maintenance Modern Garden.

These brown or grey colours can be complemented by simple shrubs and small trees that don’t require much attention. Talk with your local Diaco’s team about what sort of plants would work best for your particular climate and soils, as this often determines what plants will be low maintenance. Similar to an Asian style garden, the Low Maintenance Modern Garden has more of a focus on architecture and materials than plants.

It will often feature geometric shapes and repeating patterns, with a controlled and organised appearance. This garden style is sleek, streamlined, sophisticated and simple.

Your Low Maintenance Modern Garden will be simple, functional and attractive, built for entertaining, and outdoor family activities. If you have only a small garden area, rooftop or balcony to work with, plants can easily be potted or arranged in garden boxes. Artificial lawn or pavers can be used in place of real grass, and garden beds can be brightened up with pebbles or coloured red or black mulch.

If you are working with a large area, ornamental grasses can cover large spaces and require minimal upkeep. Large gardens can also feature sitting areas with a table and chair, an outdoor lounge, or paving.