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Summer Gardening 101

Diaco's Garden Nursery - Diaco's Garden Centre

Gardening in the summer is an art.

The Victorian summer is notorious for having four seasons in one day, so to help you maintain a beautiful and healthy back yard during the hotter months, we’ve put together our best tips to keep your garden fresh.

1. Overcome Dryness with Mulch

First things first.  Your attention should start from the ground up.  The foundation of your garden has to be strong to be able to withstand the Victorian weather.  The most common challenge in summer is dryness, due to scorching sun and hot winds.   You can tackle this by keeping the soil cool with some Diaco’s Organic Mulch.  Mulch will support your garden by retaining the moisture it needs.

2. Watering

Watering your plants early in the morning will help your garden soak up the water and use it throughout the day.  On hot, windy days, a second watering in the evening is beneficial to keep your plants moist and healthy.  In cooler weather this is not recommended as there is a higher risk of fungal diseases.

Always water the soil, not the foliage, in hot weather.  Water droplets sitting on the leaves can cause the leaves to burn.

3. Give Extra Care to Potted Plants

Potted plants tend to overheat during the summer.  Help them cool down by adding water crystals and position them in a shady area.  Fill the pot saucers with sand and keep them moist.  This will avoid the risk of root rot, and leave no space for mosquitos to breed.  This is guaranteed to cool down the roots, and your plants will remain beautiful and healthy all summer.

4. New Planting Care

Newly planted flowers and vegetables should be monitored every day, to ensure they have sufficient moisture.  Use a product such as Seasol, Charlie Carp or VitaRich liquid plant food when watering to encourage root growth.  This will keep your plants flowering and fruiting for longer.

Happy Gardening!