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Spring is here.

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From the 1st of September, 2017 to 31st of October, 2017

All specials while stocks last.

Garden Centre Strawberry


10cm Pot

Was $3.95

Now $2.50

Delicious, sweet fruit borne over several months. Produces large amounts of strawberries from Summer through to Winter, and flowers in pink.  Plant 30cm apart, maturity 16-20 weeks.

Amgrow Lawn Food


Was $35.00

Now $19.95

Lawn Food is a balanced formulation of the essential nutrients and trace elements, designed specifically for lawns. It will help encourage both greening and overall healthy lawn growth.



Trade Nursery - Weed Kill - Knock Out RTU

Weed Kill

Was $9.95 

Now $4.95

Want a ready to use weed killer?  Knock Out is your answer. Weed killer is used to kill any unwanted common garden weeds and grasses. Target your areas carefully, as this weed kill is non-selective and may kill or damage lawns and plants if applied to either.

Garden Centre - Euonymus Microphylla

Euonymus Tom Thumb

25cm Pot

Was $35.00

Now $22.95

This attractive, small evergreen shrub is the perfect choice for low hedging. Thick, tiny leaves on multitudes of branches. Keeping it nice and dense.

Azalea Encore and Kurume

20cm Pot

Was $39.95

Now $24.95

Boasting a beautiful flower the Azalea blooms in Spring Summer and Autumn.  Drought tolerant, you’ll enjoy a diverse range of bold and beautiful flowers through the seasons.

Garden Centre - Japanese Aralia

Fatsia Japonica – Japanese Aralias  

20cm Pot

Was $18.95

Now $9.95

Hardy, evergreen shrub with attractive, shiny foliage. Clusters of white flowers appear in autumn. Ideal indoor plant, great for tropical and subtropical gardens.

Trachelospermum jasminoides - Chinese Star Jasmine - Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Centre

Chinese Star Jasmine

20cm Pot

Was $24.95

Now $11.95

The highlight of this evergreen climber is the mass of sweetly fragrant, starry white flowers that bloom in Summer. Slow growing in early stages but will flourish when established into glossy and dark green foliage.

Garden Centre - Wild Iris

Dieties Wild Iris

20cm Pot

Was $14.95

Now $10.95

This drought resistant plant forms a clump of stiff, narrow, dark green leaves. In spring and summer, it produces flowering stems carrying iris-like, white flowers, marked with mauve and orange. Ideal for growing under trees, in rockeries, and near water features. Cut off spent flowering stems and divide when necessary.

Garden Centre Silver Bush

Silver Bush

14cm Pot

Was $6.95

Now $5.50

An evergreen rounded shrub with silky grey leaves. From mid spring to summer this showy shrub bears a mass of large white flowers which emerge from pink buds. Drought tolerant, ideal for rockeries and garden beds.

Garden Centre - Lavender French

French Lavender 

14cm Pot

Was $7.95

Now $5.50

An attractive small evergreen shrub grown for its aromatic soft grey-green leaves and heads of perfumed mauve-purple flowers and bracts carried on thick, square stems throughout the year.

Garden Centre - Photinia Robusta

Photinia Robusta

25cm Pot

Was $36.00

Now $22.95

An upright dense evergreen shrub with glossy dark green oblong leaves. New growth is a brilliant red and is attractive over a long period of time. Tight heads of white flowers are produced in Spring.

Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Center

Magnolia Little Gem

25cm Pot

Was $49.95

Now $29.95

Compact upright evergreen tree producing beautiful creamy-white, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers in Spring and Summer. Glossy dark green leaves with an attractive underside of soft, velvety-brown. Large flowers are produced at a young age. This tree is also frost tolerant.

Garden Supplies - Composted Mulch

Diaco’s Composted Mulch


Was $7.95

Now $6.00

A mulch with a heavy mix of organic compost mixed through it. Great for rejuvenating old dry, nutrient hungry garden beds.  Acts well as a moisture retainer and at the same time puts nitrogen back into your garden.

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Delivery Service Available

For purchases made in-store we offer a delivery service. Whether it be a ute full of plants, a van of trees, a truck stacked with rocks, a well-established Palm that needs to to be craned off. We can deliver it for you. Charges very depending on the distance between Diaco’s store and delivery address.

Contact your nearest store for more details and delivery prices.


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