Unveiling the Serene Beauty of Asian Gardens: A Journey into Tranquility

Asian Gardens

Asian Gardens is a tranquil space focused on nature and the elements, which will instil a sense of peace.

Easy to create and maintain, this style is perfect for those who do not want to spend lots of time tending to the garden, but want to enjoy a relaxing and beautiful garden design. Think fragrant blossoms, perfectly positioned rocks, ponds, bamboo fencing, gravel paths, ornamental cherry trees, bright Autumn tones of red and orange, and oriental statues.

Not many plants are required to create an oriental effect, however there are many you can choose from. Dark, textured green foliage is good to use to set a calming backdrop, and it is highly effective to incorporate plants that mark the passing of seasons: spring blossoms, fragrant flowers and bright autumn colours. The Asian Garden style can be enhanced through placement of stone features such as bridges, pagodas, buddhas, water bowls, fire pits, lanterns and pebbles.

In Asian Gardens, water is usually represented in some way to enhance the graceful and flowing nature of the style. While ponds are commonly featured, winding white raked gravel or dry stone creeks can produce the same effect. For this style of garden it is best to keep design very minimal, to have an asymmetrical garden that is perfectly planned and maintained. One or two lone trees or shrubs can be heavily sculpted or turned into bonsai, either in the garden bed or in a pot.

For Zen style Asian Gardens, grey gravel landscapes can be created, and raked into perfect patterns. A path of stepping stones or tiles can be incorporated, as well as simple potted plants and a seat or bench to sit on and reflect. Rocks and natural stones are used to break up the garden and add an extra design element to the Asian Garden, and bamboo screens and fern stick fencing are also highly effective.

Working with a large area, you may be able to include a large fish pond, filled with Koi or goldfish. Dot the landscape with small bonsai trees and grasses, line garden areas with rocks, and add an oriental pergola or large statue as a main focal point. You can also create an Asian Garden jungle, with lots of densely planted ferns, grasses and small growing trees such as Crab Apples.

In a larger garden, sculptures, wooden features and meandering paths can be experimented with, while in smaller spaces, potted plants, gravel and positioned rocks can be used.

The Asian Garden is a tranquil, minimalistic, and beautifully structured style that can transform your outdoor space into a peaceful sanctuary. Whether you have a large area to work with or a small space, there’s an Asian Garden design that’s perfect for you.

Now, you might be thinking, “How do I start creating my own Asian Garden?” Well, that’s where Diaco’s Garden Nursery comes in! We’re thrilled to offer our Garden Design Service to help you create the outdoor space of your dreams. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to develop a bespoke design that caters to your unique needs and tastes.

Our service includes an on-site design review where our team can meet with you to discuss your design needs and provide a finished sketch for your review. We also offer flexible appointments to suit your busy schedule, including weekend time slots. Our comprehensive services may include plant placement, planting, and consultation for pest and disease problems or soil salinity.

With Diaco’s garden design service, you can transform your outdoor or indoor space into a beautiful and functional area that you’ll love spending time in. So, are you ready to start your journey towards creating your dream Asian Garden? Visit our Garden Design Service page to learn more and get started today!

Remember, a garden is not just a place, it’s a feeling. And at Diaco’s, we’re here to help you create that feeling. Let’s bring your dream garden to life!

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