We Love Kangaroo Paws - Diaco's Garden Centre and Garden Nursery
June 13, 2018

Quick Guide: Kangaroo Paws

Kangaroo Paws are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Australian native flowers.  They come in various colours, from deep reds, orange, green to pink. They add a vibrant splash of…
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We Love Leucandendrons - Diaco's Garden Nursery
May 16, 2018

Quick Guide: Leucadendrons

A native to South Africa, leucadendrons are beautiful.  They attract birds and have a long lasting cut flower. They are drought tolerant, and only need to be watered during particularly…
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We Love Citrus - Diaco's Garden Centre and Garden Nursery
March 15, 2018

Quick Guide: Citrus

Citrus trees are easy to grow. They are low maintenance, and you won’t believe all the benefits you’ll receive. We love citrus trees, and we believe every garden should have…
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Succulents - Diaco's Garden Centre and Garden Nursery
February 7, 2018

Quick Guide: Succulents

Succulents are beautiful. They are delicate, sturdy, bold, bright, soft and decorative.  They are understated in the world of plants and provide splashes of deep colour - from shades of…
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Indoor Plants - Diaco's Garden Centre and Garden Nursery
January 5, 2018

Quick Guide: Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants bring life and colour to your home. They improve air quality and even help decrease stress and blood pressure.  We love indoor plants, and we think everyone should…
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Hydrangeas - Diaco's Garden Nursery and Garden Center
December 11, 2017

Quick Guide: Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are one of our favourites. It’s a shrub like no other. Their beautiful flowers bring life to a summer garden. With lush flower heads their old-fashioned charm is hard…
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Diaco's Geelong
November 15, 2017

Thank You! From Diaco’s Geelong

Thank You! From Diaco's Geelong! This weekend we are holding a special first anniversary event at our local Diaco’s store. It’s our way to say thank you for supporting and…
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Diaco's Garden Nursery - Tomatoes
October 31, 2017

Quick Guide: Tomatoes

You say toma-toe, I say toma-ta - whatever your feeling towards tomatoes, we can all agree how delicious they are. They add red and vibrant essential bursts of colour to…
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October 16, 2017

Top 10 Plants to Plant this Season

There's a change in the wind. It no longer has the frosty bit of Winter, but the promise of warmer weather that comes with Spring. When the weather is right,…
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Garden StylesNews
September 4, 2017

A Special Kind of Azalea

Every year, every Spring, your gardens lush green and deep foliage is broken with bright flowers. Right now, something special is happening, thousands upon thousands of colourful Azaleas are blooming,…
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