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How to grow your Garden in Autumn

Acer Autumn Red - Canadian Maple

March kicked off our Autumn Workshop series. Autumn is a great time to garden; the colours of the leaves change and the warm tones of your garden landscape create something new.

It’s important to prepare your garden for the colder months so your plants survive the icy weather – and it all starts with Autumn. 

Our workshops are there so you have the tools and know-how to roll up your sleeves, get to work and create your dream garden. Learn how to garden in Autumn. The Australian weather can be dramatic and fickle, and our seasonal workshops will help you manage the changing weather.

Our garden experts go into the nitty gritty of gardening during our workshops. They cover all topics such as organic certified products and repotting plants. While our workshops covered Autumn gardening in great detail, here are our top tips for gardening in Autumn.

Fertilise and revitalise

Revitalising the soil of your garden beds and veggie patches is the most important thing you can do to maintain a beautiful garden.  Remember to be generous with compost and manure, dig it in really well and use Gypsum to break up the clay.

Understanding the difference between Cow and Sheep manure will help you in the long run. Both Sheep and Cow manure provide nutrients for your soil; Sheep has more Potassium, while Cow contains more Phosphorus. We recommend rotating through Sheep and Cow every couple of seasons as it helps maintain healthy levels of nutrients for your plants.  This is especially important in Autumn and Spring when the soil prepares itself for a big change in weather.

Save water; save your plants

Another great tip to create a for your garden in Autumn is to use water saving products that soak into the hard dry ground left over from Summer. While composts and manures help the soil to retain moisture, we recommend Water Saving Granules to provide extra moisture when the soil dries out.

Know your potting mixes

Understanding the right potting mix to use will make a big difference in the growth of your garden. Make sure you check the adherence to Australian standards – this is a must when looking for quality potting mixes. Australian Standards is a set of guidelines and specifications that all registered products must abide by to remain certified. These specifications were made to provide the best growing mixes for the widest range of plants.

Stay up to date with Diaco’s and keep an eye out for our next workshop.