The Diaco’s Bush Tucka Showcase

Bush Natives

Welcome to Diaco’s Bush Natives corner, your go-to spot for Australia’s tasty bush tucka plants! Wander through our hand-picked selection of  edible native plants available both right here online and in-store, hop into our easy-to-digest blogs, and take away some handy growing tips to make your native garden a true delight. Your adventure into Australia’s garden paradise starts right here!

bush tucka natives - oyster plant

Bush Natives are a simple yet splendid way to dive into Australia’s lush botanical history.

Imagine the gentle sway of Saltbush leaves with the breeze, the little zing of Bush Basil, or the juicy bite of Karkalla, bringing a mix of beauty and a tasty adventure to your backyard. Here at Diaco’s, we’ve got a fantastic variety of Bush Natives from the sturdy Warrigal greens to the zesty zing of Bush Tomatoes.

Whether you pop in-store or browse online, you’ll find a range of plants that are a feast for the eyes and the belly. Need a hand picking the right bush tucka for your patch? Our Diaco’s team is here to help you find the perfect fit for your garden and kitchen. We welcome you to explore this page of garden delights!

Our Diverse Collection of Bush Tucka Delights

Welcome to our range of  tasty bush tucka varieties, where each plant brings a slice of Australia’s natural goodness. Take the Barrila Spinach (saltbush) for example, a sturdy green vegetable that’ll happily grow in your garden, and add a wild crunch to your meals. Then there’s the Native Parsnip (yam daisy), with its gentle blossoms, it’s a treat for your eyes and a tasty addition to your plate. As you dig deeper into our collection, you’ll find a bunch of a vegetable, herb or edible plant with different tastes and textures. Get a salty bite from Samphire (sea asparagus, sea pickle), a herby hint from Wild Rosemary, and a citrus zing from Native Lemongrass – it’s a whole festival of flavours and colours!

Dive into our spread of bush tucka goodies today, and start turning your garden into a little hub of native wonders. It’s about bringing home plants that are easy-going, taste good, and suited to the Australian climate. So go ahead, explore and find the options for your bush tucka garden!

Why Choose Bush Natives?

Diving into Bush tucka natives is like opening a door to Australia’s backyard of natural goodies. Each plant shows off its own mix of colours, shapes, and textures, turning your garden into a lively patch of down-to-earth beauty.  Plus, there’s something really great about growing your own vegetables and herbs. So, if you’re keen on turning your backyard into a Bush tucka haven, you’re in the right spot!

bush tucka natives - Crystal Ice Plant

A New Zing to Your Cooking: Ever thought of adding a unique Aussie twist to your meals? Bush tucka plants are your go-to! With a range of unique flavours and textures, they can bring a new excitement to your cooking. Imagine the surprise on your family’s faces when you serve up a dish seasoned with native herbs!

They Love Our Aussie Climate: Bush tucka plants are the locals of the plant world here in Australia. They’ve grown up with our weather patterns, so whether it’s a scorching summer or a mild winter, they stand strong. They’re used to our soil too, making them a hassle-free choice for your garden.

Garden the Sustainable Way: Bush tucka plants are a step towards sustainable gardening. They require less water and attention compared to some fussier non-native plants. Plus, they’re great pals with local wildlife, inviting a lively buzz of birds and bees into your garden.