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Lawn and Turf

Just so we are all clear, lawn and Turf are both the same thing! Grass used in a landscape is known as lawn, while grass on a Football Oval or Golf Course is known as turf.

Lawns are an essential feature of Aussie gardens; it’s hard to imagine a home in the suburbs or even the countryside without a front lawn, and cricket pitch out the back!  They provide open space for activities and relaxation, unlike gravel or pavement lawn is a soft, water-absorbing, living surface that cools the garden. Lawns offer great aesthetic appeal, as well as having environmental benefits including protecting soil from erosion, capturing running water, reducing dust and heat and most importantly filtering air pollution and noise!

Choosing the right grass is the first step to the Aussie gardeners dream lawn! It is essential to consider the amount of sun, shade, dappled sun your selected area will receive throughout the day.

The key to proper lawn watering is to make sure it is both practical and efficient. Watering in the early morning is best, if you water in the evening, it can leave your grass wet overnight, allowing the potential for diseases to develop. Try to water your lawn for longer,  less often to encourage better root systems. If you are using a sprinkler, invest in quality equipment to avoid wasting water or watering the wrong areas.

When mowing your lawn, the best way to determine the ideal length is by feel. Trim your grass, so it feels cushiony underfoot, with a slight spring. Never cut your grass too short, it causes damage! Remember to avoid watering immediately before or after mowing. Avoid mowing in the hottest times of the day as it causes grass stress, early morning or late afternoon are best. Be sure to take care of your lawnmower; a quality cut comes from a well looked after mower!