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A Special Kind of Azalea

By September 4, 2017 October 28th, 2017 No Comments

Every year, every Spring, your gardens lush green and deep foliage is broken with bright flowers.

Right now, something special is happening, thousands upon thousands of colourful Azaleas are blooming, filling gardens with hues of pinks, purples, reds and whites.

Where did the Azalea come from?

Descendents of the Ericaceae family, Azaleas are related to Blueberries and Pieris.  Some Azaleas are even hybrids of Camellias.

There are over 26 varieties across the world, and their origins date back to 70 million years ago. Grown across the world, the Azalea has evolved and what was once known as the native Azalea, has now been crossed with Asian varieties. These hybrid Azaleas are what we know the flower to be today.

How to care for your Azaleas

They are easy to maintain. Extremely popular to grow because they can fit into almost every space in your garden. They are a low maintenance shrub that you can grow as medium sized evergreen hedges or colourful flowering shrubs. You can also pot them to add colour to your decks and balconies.

Give your them a little extra water in early Spring as they begin to bloom. This is especially important if the weather has been dry. You should also mulch with chunky bark to reduce water evaporation. This also helps improve soil, so your Azalea’s can flourish.  This season we have a new breed of Azaleas in stock.

Azalea Kurume

Originally grown on the outskirts of the Japanese city Kurume, it features low and sprawling flowers en masse that create vibrant shades in your garden through Spring. The Kurume is known as the ‘landscaping Azalea,’ and is best for planting in garden beds. Think lush gardens full of free-flowering carpets.

Azalea Encore

The Azalea Encore repeatedly blooms in Spring, Summer and Autumn – just when you thought they were over, they come back for more.

Both heat and drought tolerant, the Encore brightens up your garden with a diverse range of bright colours. The Encores are best for specimen planting and garden borders.

With encore blooming cycles and long lasting colour, Azalea’s are the perfect plant to match the vibrancy of Spring. Visit us in store for advice on what Azalea is right for you!

Check out Azalea Encore here.