Australian Native Plants

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Australian Native Plants

Australian Native Plants and flowers exemplify the natural beauty of our country. These plants are beautiful, tolerant to our harsh climate, and they look pretty amazing when placed together! Imagine a variety of grasses, desert plants, shrubs, ground cover, succulents, herbs, food plants, fruit, berries, and of course flowers – The result? A stunning, drought-resistant, and wildlife-friendly garden!

They are trendy plants, and they are great for any style of garden. For gorgeous flower beds and edgings think of native flowers such as Swan River Daisies and Kangaroo Paws.

For hedges or separating borders check out the many types of Lilly Pilly, Westringia, and Callistemon. For shrubs look for Grevilleas, Banksias, and Mint Bushes, and for striking, majestic, plants you can’t go past Gyea Lily or Grass Trees. No matter the style, size or scope of your garden, there is a genuinely dazzling Aussie plant waiting for you!

When selecting Australian Native plants, choose natives that grow naturally in your area. These plants will be perfectly suited to the local climate and soil, making them very easy to grow. It is possible to grow other native plants, not local to your area as long as you can mimic the required environment in your garden.

When planting your Australian Natives, make sure you choose a location in your garden that suits the plants’ needs in regards to sunlight, moisture & soil.

Australian soils are ancient and generally low infertile and organic matter. Australian Native plants grow well in deficient nutrient soils; they usually don’t require added fertilizer.

If you do need to add artificial fertilizer, be sure to use one formulated especially for Australian Natives!

Many Australian plants tend to use less water than introduced plants. When planting small plants, encourage them to develop a deep root system by watering minimally right from the beginning.

Mulch to a depth of 8-10cm, this helps keep the soil moist as well as encouraging worms and beetles in the soil which add nutrients and keeps it aerated.