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Climbers and Ground covers

Climbers & Ground Covers are the backbone of any garden; they can cover any undesirable areas, soften any hard surface and become an incredible textural backdrop for other features and plants in your backyard!

Climbers literally give a new dimension to your garden. They make use of space that remains unused in many gardens, with climbers anything is possible, you can decorate a wall, grow against a garden fence, pergola or even a tree. Ground Covers serve the same purpose as carpets do indoors, providing a dense mat, of low growing plants to protect the surface beneath from soil erosion. 

Climbing plants climb in different ways, some warp, some adhere and some curl. . It’s essential to recognise what type of climber you are trying to grow and providing it with the correct support and conditions to thrive. Boston Ivy, for example, uses a combination of curling tendrils and touch-sensitive adhesive pads that allow them to stick to almost any surface.  Beautiful, whimsical Wisteria is famous for growing vigorous twining vines, which can become so large they’re known to pull down garden structures or even porches!

When planting climbers, it’s essential to consider the soil they are planted in, what type of climbing support they require, and how much water they need. All climbing plants will require some guidance throughout their growth to ensure they grow in the desired direction.

Flowering varieties such as Calibrachoa or Bidens Goldmound provide a bright punch of colour, but for greener, textures go for Dichondra Silver Falls or Saxifraga. These dependable, hard-working plants carpet the ground with minimal fuss.

Most ground covers require little attention beyond routine watering, fertilising and grooming. Generally speaking, ground covers need more water while they are young, but once matured they may be able to survive on rainfall depending on climate. Flowering ground covers will require more fertiliser than their shrubbier companions.