Grasses and Strappy Plants

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Grasses and Strappy Plants

Grasses and strappy leafed plants are an excellent option for filling those tricky spots in your garden.

Strappy leafed plants are plants which have a grass-like growth habit but are not grasses. Their leaves are similar to long straps, which may be very thin or thick and fleshy. They do not form a stem; all their leaves stem from a central point. As the plant grows, they form large clumps.

Grasses and strappy plants have revolutionised garden design. You can create a beautiful focal point – a leafy relief in a summer flowering garden bed. You can also create a sense of continuity within the garden through varied repeat placement, along borders or paths, by pools or ponds and even cut as long-lasting indoor floral displays.


They also make beautiful backdrops for flower beds, can fill gaps between small and medium-sized plants and can grow in the shade under trees. Native grasses will thrive in local conditions and also attract native birds and wildlife.

Lomandras, for example, can be used to a dd movement to a garden, their leaves will move with the slightest breeze, they create a sense of flow throughout a garden. Liriope and agapanthus can make an excellent border around a garden or lawn, their straight lines can make a lawn seem, more significant and their lineal nature can create a sense of flow which draws the eye around the garden. 

Kangaroo Paw is native to South Australia and is well known for its unique tubular flowers, covered in a velvety fuzz, giving the appearance of a kangaroo paw. The unusual flowers add exotic colour and flair to any garden. They’re great for floral arrangements or garden features, so keep this in mind when planting!

Grasses and strappy plants are low maintenance, robust and thrive in a variety of conditions. They are drought hardy, which naturally makes them an excellent choice for any Australian gardener. They tolerate most soil types and situations but prefer well-drained soil & full sun. They are frost, salt, humidity and wind tolerant, and require little water once established.


When planting makes sure, they have adequate space, so they have room to reach their full potential. 


Grasses and strappy plants are a stunning addition to, and, give a strong sense of design to any style of garden!