Ornamental Plants

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Ornamental Plants

Ornamental Plants are shrubs, trees or grasses, grown for their aesthetic features, including; flowers, leaves, scent, overall texture, fruit, stem, bark, shape and form.


In some cases, plants can have very unusual features! The purpose of all ornamental plants is to be considered exciting and provide enjoyment to viewers and visitors. 

Ornamental plants are used in gardens and throughout the home to beautify their surroundings. A sizeable tropical plant in your lounge room provides a pop of life and colour, softening the furniture and architecture of a space.  An Ornamental Pear Tree in the centre of your front lawn draws the eye and creates a striking colour contrast as well as stunning clusters of white and purple flowers in spring. You can even use fruit and vegetable plants and trees ornamentally.


People tend to choose Ornamental plants for their fragrance and their visual appeal.

The Eucalyptus Grafted Gum tree puts on an excellent display of fiery red flowers throughout the summer against a dense canopy of glossy dark green leaves, highlighted by lighter green undersides.


The Grafted Eucalyptus Gum provides a spectacular feature to your garden, as well as an abundance of food for nectar loving native birds.

Japanese Redleaf Maple trees are an excellent example of an ornamental tree, few plants can equal the command and beauty of this spectacular tree, especially in autumn. As a feature tree, they have a beautiful clean shape and form and hold their breathtaking foliage for weeks before they fall into a brilliant crimson pool.

Planting and care involve careful consideration and preparation to ensure the plant establishes a sturdy and healthy root system. Before planting, be sure to consider the soil type, amount of sunshine, drainage and slope of the area. It is also essential to find the size, bloom season and duration, location, surface roots and foliage drop off.  Be sure to select your ornamental plants/trees/grasses carefully, so they suit your local climate as well as your garden design.