Monstera Deliciosa – Fruit Salad Plant

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Monstera Deliciosa – Fruit Salad Plant is an evergreen, woody-stemmed climber-shrub grown for its large, lobed and holed foliage. Mature plants bear sweet-smelling flowers which develop into large fruit-salad flavoured fruits.

The Swiss Cheese plant or the Fruit Salad plant is one of the most popular plants amongst indoor plant enthusiasts. A fashionable addition to your home the monstera comes from tropical regions in Mexico and Guatemala.



The trick here is to check your soil; the Monstera Deliciosa only needs to be watered once the top 5cm of the soil is completely dry. As a general guide, this means you would need to water it only once every 2- 4 weeks.


Soil and Drainage

You want the best soil for the healthiest plants, especially if you are repotting. We recommend a premium potting mix. Your monstera will have all nutrients it needs to grow and the right type of drainage to help prevent bugs.


Light and Placement

When grown indoors it’s best to find the brightest possible spot, the more light the Monstera Deliciosa receives, the larger the leaves and the larger the holes in the leaves will be! If you choose to plant your Monstera Deliciosa outdoors, partial shade is best; they do best in warm, temperate conditions.

Additional Information:

L x W x H: 1.5 x 3 m
Weight: N/A
Watering: 2 (Low/Moderate)
Fragrance: Yes
Suitable For Pots: Yes