Gardenias: Perfect for The Outdoors

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Gardenia - Garden Centre - Diaco's Garden Nursery

At Diacos, we know a thing or two about growing a garden oasis. The Gardenia is a beautiful, fragrant and versatile flower.

If you’ve been looking for that perfect flower to add magic to your garden, the Gardenia Florida is the perfect choice.

Perfect spot for the Gardenia

Gardenias are known as both an indoor and outdoor plant. However, with indoor heating and cooling, the constant change in temperature can actually affect the Gardenia’s bloom. We recommend planting your them outside as a shrub or a potted plant. Gardenias rely on sun exposure, quality soil, and fertilizer to help them grow to full bloom.

Amgrow’s Nutrafeed All Purpose Fertilizer and Potting Mix can support the health and growth. Fertilise your Gardenias every month, and remember to use the recommended dosage on the package. Be careful not to over fertilise as this will stimulate growth. When gardenias grow too fast, they quickly die once the colder seasons hit.

When to grow them

They love those in between seasons when it’s not too hot, and not too cold. That’s why it’s perfect to add them to your garden this month, when the temperature is right and the sun is shining bright.

Last step

When they have reached full maturity, it’s important to continue caring for the flower.

Prune them regularly to avoid untidy branches, as this will keep them neat, healthy and help them survive through winter. When you follow these steps, they’ll come back even stronger next spring.

Good luck growing!