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High-Quality Plants Delivered By the Diaco’s. Buy plants online or find a nursery near you. We have a large range of indoor plants, ground covers, Australian natives, climbing plants hedging plants. Whether you are looking for a plant that is drought tolerant, loves the full sun or prefers part shade we have hundreds of varieties of plants for sale

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australian natives
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We love helping out, so we have created this handy gardening advice section.

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Online Plants

Search from our range of plants, garden supplies, pots and garden accessories.

Online Plants

Make shopping for your garden easy with the massive range of plants available online at Diaco’s. We have 4 huge garden centres located across the Melbourne and Geelong area. Click and collect or enjoy our fast and affordable plant delivery service from $34.95.

Choose from a diverse range of trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers, ferns, palms, exotics, fruit trees and edibles, Australian natives, cacti, grasses, succulents and so much more. Many of our online plants can be bought in a range of different sizes and ages to suit any garden.

We also stock all the garden essentials online, from pots and ornaments to mulch, fertiliser, potting mix and more. We’re a proud family-owned business with a focus on helpful, friendly service both in-store and online. If you’ve got any gardening questions, just ask our team

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We are a Melbourne based garden nursery. Check out our large range of indoor and outdoor plants.

Diaco’s Garden Nursery is the place to go! We have all your essentials such as compost, potting mixes and fertilisers.

You won’t find another garden centre like ours with so many different types of plants, shrubs, trees, palms, ferns, fruit trees and ornamentals. We also offer gardening tools and pots so you can get everything you need in one place!

Our staff are passionate about plants and gardening which means they know what they’re talking about when it comes to advice on how to care for them. If you want help designing your garden we can do that too!

All our products are available online or in-store – just visit us today!  Find a nursery near you or buy plants online.

Our guide to growing plants.

We’ve also put some comprehensive gardening guides together to help you get those green thumbs going. Check out our Gardening Advice section for more information about helpful gardening tips.

Did you know?

Since we opened our first pop-up in Heatherton in 2000, Diaco’s has grown to include four huge gardening centres. We can now offer a large selection of our garden & nursery range online. Here’s why we think shopping for your plants online is a great experience:

Garden Centre

It’s quick and convenient. The biggest advantage of shopping for your plants online is that it’s quick and easy. Supplies like mulch and mix are heavy, and getting a tree into a small car can often be challenging! Let a professional drop it off to you instead. 

It can make garden planning easier. Being able to compare and research while online can often be simpler than wandering around a store. If you’re a landscaper or you’re gearing up for a big backyard project, we also do custom quotes and advice.

It’s safe and simple. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we’ve all learnt to look out for each other and be thoughtful about public health. If you need to isolate or stay home for any reason, please use our online delivery service for all your gardening needs.