Hedges are perfect for suburban gardens. Small hedging plants make great borders, while larger hedges can create shelter and privacy in your garden. Explore our wide range of hedging plants today.

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Hedging at Diacos

We stock a range of plants that are perfect for hedging and screening. These elegant plants have been a popular feature of garden designs for centuries. Bringing to mind cozy English cottages and sprawling palace gardens, hedges are a true garden classic. 

When you think of a hedge plant, you’re probably picturing a leafy green boxwood. But there are so many different kinds of hedging plants out there to explore. Try the bold red foliage of the Acmena, the Zen vibes of Bamboo, or the gorgeous Native Lilly Pilly plant.

Hedges take a bit of love and care to thrive, but the results are so worth it. Whether you’re looking for something low and leafy or planning to grow an impressive natural wall, you’ll find the hedging plant that you’re after at Diacos. Shop online or in-store today.


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Using Hedging In A Garden Design 

There are plenty of ways to incorporate hedging into your garden, and knowing what you want from your hedge can help you plant it right. Whether you’re going for big or small, here are three of the most popular reasons for planting hedges:


For privacy. A thick, dense hedge is the perfect way to give your garden some privacy. And it’s just not prying eyes that your hedge will keep away – a thick, healthy hedge will also block out street noise and provide protection from the wind.

For screening. A ‘screening’ plant is a hedge with foliage that isn’t quite as dense. It still breaks up the view, but it will also allow dappled light to pass through the leaves. Screening plants can make striking backdrops for the other plants in your garden.

As low natural walls. Hedges make great fences, but they don’t have to be tall to have an effect! Try running low hedges along the edges of garden paths or against retaining walls. They can soften hard edges and create a sense of order and flow.

More About Hedging

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