About Diaco’s Garden Nursery

We are passionate about plants and we love seeing gardens grow.

The Diaco’s Garden Nursery story began in 1949 when Antonio Diaco moved to Australia with his wife, four children, and a strong set of morals and values established while working in the fields of Southern Italy:

Work Hard, Be Honest, Achieve. This motto remains the foundation of our family to this day, passed on from father, to son, to grandson and beyond.

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The Diaco family has always been involved in running businesses, from selling vegetables at Queen Victoria Market to operating market gardens and fruit stores. We operate a business based on hard work ethic, strong values, passion, and commitment to customer service.

We opened Diaco’s Garden Nursery as a 4-day pop-up plant market in Heatherton in 2000. Since then, we have grown to 4 garden centres open 7 days a week, and have transformed the garden nursery market. We still uphold our grandfather Antonio’s values and have refined our product range and systems so that we consistently offer the highest quality products at great prices.

We believe in the value of local garden nurseries, where staff have the time and the passion to chat with you and offer valuable, practical advice for your gardening needs. Our team lives and breathes plants and gardening.

We are passionate about what we do, and we are excited to help you create a garden that suits your lifestyle.

Because our vision is to bring back the local garden nursery and to provide all Australians with the benefit of local nursery service, we are continuing to expand our reach through franchising. If you share our values and have a strong love of plants and gardening, then this opportunity may be for you. The benefit of our franchise offer is that you are able to run your own garden nursery business, backed up and supported by our extensive supplier base, industry experience, and marketing support.


We are committed to supplying our customers with high quality, healthy plants. We stock an array of plants, including shrubs, palms, ferns, fruit trees and ornamentals. Our team of knowledgeable staff are passionate about plants and gardening and can advise you on what sorts of plants would be suitable for your garden. We can talk with you about growing conditions, sunlight, soil and compost requirements, and what plants will suit the theme of your garden. From Australian natives, tropical palm trees to fragrant roses, our range covers all types and all preferences. We continually restock and introduce new plants, so our range is always expanding and improving. We can help with your bulk supply needs, from a truckload of plants to rare species. We also stock an exclusively branded Diaco’s product range.

Garden Supplies

We love to see people who are passionate about gardening, landscaping and garden design, and we have a range of garden supply materials to help your dream garden become a reality. We stock materials such as pebbles, rocks, sand and soils, which are useful for creating garden features and landscape designs. Our friendly team can help you select the right garden materials and plan out how to use them. Regardless of what your particular style and preference are, whether you choose to follow a specific style theme or cross over between several, our gardening experts will help you select the right products to achieve a functional and beautiful garden.

Garden Accessories and Pots

Our extensive range of garden accessories and garden pots will help you maintain a beautiful, stylish garden year-round. We stock a huge range of pots including terracotta, old-stone and glaze, which come in a variety of different sizes to suit any purpose. Our garden centres stock garden essentials such as compost, potting mixes and fertilisers which will keep your plants and garden beds nourished and healthy. On top of this, our products include an assortment of bamboo fencing and timber products to dress up any area of the garden. Our team would love to speak with you and help you find the perfect garden accessories to make your garden come alive.