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Potting Mix can help you grow healthier plants, especially if you’re gardening in pots and containers. Explore our range of premium quality potting mixes for general use, fruit trees, veggies, succulents and more.

potting mix
Indoor plants
potting mix
potting mix
Indoor plants

Potting Mix at Diacos

 A potting mix is a carefully chosen combination of different minerals and organic materials that are highly beneficial to the growth of your plant. Many mixes already contain soil and are sometimes called ‘potting soils’, while other mixes are completely soil-free.

You’ll find a wide variety of different mixes available in our online store, all formulated to help with different types of plants and gardens. You’ll also find materials like Perlite or Vercimulite on this page. These volcanic rocks are perfect for propagating and provide great drainage. 

It is ideal for growing a garden in pots and containers. It’s also great for outdoor gardening projects, like improving your soil, laying a garden bed or planting a bare root tree. If you’ve got any questions at all about potting mixes, don’t hesitate to ask our friendly team.

potting mix

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Why Use Potting Mix?

They offer plenty of advantages over the dirt in your backyard. But if you’re new to potting mixes, or you’re a bit of a natural sceptic, you might still be wondering – why use it? Here are some of the reasons we think that potting mix is a garden essential:

potting mix

It’s full of organic nutrients. Just like other pre-mixed garden additives like compost, manure or mulch,  all organic potting mixes are designed to encourage healthy garden growth. There are a variety of mixes available to suit different plants.

It improves soil structure. Both organic and inorganic potting mixes can contribute to better soil. Mixing certain materials through your soil can help with all sorts of structural issues, offering you better aeration, drainage and moisture retention.

It’s predictable. At the end of the day, the quality of the soil in our gardens can vary significantly from area to area – even from property to property. When you use a specially formulated potting mix instead, you will always know what to expect.

More About Potting Mix

We’ve also put some more comprehensive gardening guides together to help you get those green thumbs going. Check out our Gardening Advice section for more info about potting mixes, watering, sunlight, soil health and more!

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