Quick Guide: Indoor Plants

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Indoor Plants - Diaco's Garden Centre and Garden Nursery

Indoor Plants bring life and colour to your home. They improve air quality and even help decrease stress and blood pressure. 

We love indoor plants, and we think everyone should have at least a few green corners.

Quick Tips

  • There is no such thing as an indoor plant. Some plants are better suited to the indoors.
  • Use high-quality potting mix to improve drainage and help prevent root rotting or aphids
  • Keep your indoor plants near a light natural source
  • They can enhance the quality of air

Know Your Soil

Our golden rule for indoor plants – Use a high-quality potting mix. Great soil will mean your plants flourish and give you the most of what they have to offer. We recommend Black Gold’s  Pot the Lot potting mix, it’s excellent value for money. We even see plants come to life once repotted.


With excellent soil, comes even greater responsibility. Watering calls for another vital mention. The trick is to keep plants moist and not too wet. Overwatering can lead to rotting roots, insect infestations and poor health. A quick way to see if you are overwatering is the squeeze test.

Grab a small handful of soil from the base of the stem. Squeeze the dirt into the palm of your hand then open.

  1. Just Right – It will hold its shape, and when you give it a light poke, it crumbles.
  2. Too Wet – It will hold its shape, and, when poked, sits stubbornly in your hand.
  3. Too dry – It will fall apart as soon as you open your hand.

Light and Placement

Light is essential for plants. Sunlight intensity, duration and placement all impact how well they grow. For indoor plants we focus on two basics –

  • Keeping plants near a natural source of light
  • Experimenting with Placement -one plant variety may need more or less light compared to another. Moving plants around every couple of days can help you find sweet spots.

Check out our range of plants suitable for the Indoors.

Some Other Handy Sources

The Spruce –