Australian Natives

Australian native plants showcase the diverse natural beauty of our country. They’re easy to look after, fantastic for the local ecosystem and can bring style and class to any garden design. 

australian natives
australian natives
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australian natives
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Australian Natives

There are so many reasons to embrace native gardens in your home. Australian native plants are incredibly drought-tolerant and very low-maintenance, making them a great choice for beginner gardeners or those with busy schedules.

Australia is a huge and diverse country, so our native plants come from lots of different climates. Try to choose plants that are native to your regional area. They’ll be perfectly suited to the soil and environment, and your garden should grow without too much effort. 

Native gardens have experienced a huge surge in popularity over recent years, which is something that we love to see! Australian native plants look stunning in both modern and classic garden designs. Best of all, they do wonders for local ecosystems and wildlife. 

australian natives

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Australian Native Gardens are very trendy these days, and there are plenty of different styles to experiment with. Our friendly gardening experts are always happy to talk with you about your garden design.

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We’re huge fans of native Australian gardens here at Diacos. They’re a great way to connect with the unique and exciting natural ecosystems that exist across our country. Here’s why Australian native gardens are only getting more and more popular!

australian natives

Natives thrive in harsh conditions. Australian natives have evolved to live in poor-quality soil and they can tolerate long periods of drought. They’ll grow in low nutrient environments, don’t need much water, and usually won’t need fertiliser. 

They attract native wildlife. Planting native plants from your local ecosystem will encourage local wildlife to visit your garden. Natives bring beautiful birds to your garden and help to strengthen populations of friendly helpers like native bees.

They look beautiful! Last but not least, Australian native plants look incredible when planted together. Try experimenting with different flowers, bushes, grasses, herbs, berries and succulents to create a stunning native environment in your garden. 

Our guide to growing natives.

We’ve also put some comprehensive gardening guides together to help you get those green thumbs going. Check out our Gardening Advice section for more information about Australian Natives and other helpful gardening tips.

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