Quick Guide: Kangaroo Paws

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We Love Kangaroo Paws - Diaco's Garden Centre and Garden Nursery

Kangaroo Paws are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Australian native flowers. 

They come in various colours, from deep reds, orange, green to pink. They add a vibrant splash of colour and look amazing when you plant them in groups.

Quick Tips

  • Kangaroo paws need good drainage and full sunlight.
  • They are ideal for low maintenance gardens, and they flower for long periods of the year.
  • When growing feed them with a slow-release organic fertiliser.
  • Colour can varies depending on temperature, with colder days producing more intense shades.

Soil and Sunlight

Like most Australian Natives, Kangaroo Paws do best in slightly acidic soils with good drainage and full sun exposure. They can handle a range of soils if there is a suitable structure. We don’t recommend using rich composted soil.  

If needed, you can add a slow release fertiliser in spring.  We suggest something like Black Gold Premium Garden Compost. It will provide your paws with a constant amount of nutrients over time and promote root development.


Kangaroo Paws are low maintenance. During the flowering season, they will need lots of water, but be careful not to overdo it, they don’t like wet feet. And remember that during winter it’s important to reduce watering. They will love you for raised beds which will give them loads of space and run-off between the stem base and the soil.


When using mulch, be sure not to cover the crown of the plant. They have a fantastic underground rhizome root system. You can divide them easily if they get too big. Separating large clumps promotes their health and vigorous growth.


Rest assured kangaroo paws love pots. To get the most out of them use a potting mix with good drainage like a Native Potting Mix. Keep them well watered when flowering and add in some slow release fertiliser.


Pruning during the flowering season is helpful. To prolong flowering, we recommend removing flower stems as soon as they are not looking their best. At the end of the season, you can cut them right back at the base. Don’t worry this may sound a little harsh but this will promote robust growth for the next season.

Typically, you can do this at the end of summer or early autumn. Some varieties may need less maintenance than others. When buying your kangaroo paws have a chat with your local garden nursery and ask about the specific pruning requirements.