Grow and Care for Dichondra Silver Falls

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The Dichondra Silver Falls is a delicate cascading accent plant. It works beautifully as a ground cover or in a hanging basket.

It’s the type of plant that will create a soft feel, they also complement bold and colourful plants. Dichondra Silver Falls have lovely, small rounded leaves, resembling miniature water lily.

Quick Tips

  • They are Drought hardy, tolerating coastal, frost and dry conditions.
  • They grow best in full sun. In partial shade, they tend to stay greener and have a looser habit.
  • Allow the soil to dry between watering, this will prevent the roots from rotting, and your plants will love you for it!

Sunlight and Placement

As an outdoor plant, it is an excellent ground cover or trailing plant. It loves partial to full sun positions. If you have a water feature or pond, they will add a soft, luxurious look. They also thrive in hanging baskets, as they begin to mature they take on a delicate waterfall appearance.

They are a great indoor plant, and with a little care, they will thrive! For that reason, a ceiling hanging basket or a tall table are great options. Choose a spot that gets some direct sunlight throughout the day.

The real beauty of the Dichondra Silver Falls is its trailing silvery foliage, so find a place that will let it shine.


They prefer warm, dry growing conditions and can tolerate heat and mild drought when established. They will require weekly watering but let the soil dry out. In hot weather, a little more water helps.

Soil and Drainage

The Dichondra Silver Falls don’t like wet soils. Drainage is essential for them to thrive. Choose a potting mix with excellent drainage properties or a gritty compost mixed with coarse soil.

If you keep them Indoors – make sure you use a house plant rich, but light soil with good drainage. A saucer and pot combination is ideal. However, you can get away with a saucer-free pot by adding about 3 cm of pebbles to the bottom of the pot.


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