Quick Guide: Camellias

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We Love Camellias

Camellias are one of the best flowering plants. They are sturdy and disease resistant, most varieties have attractive, glossy green foliage.

They put on their beautiful flower display during the colder months of the year when the rest of the garden often looks dull and bare.

Quick Tips

  • Camellias are slow growing, and they are well suited to pots or tubs.
  • They love to be kept moist but never waterlogged.
  • Camellias need a good feed in spring, just as they finish flowering and you start to see new growth.
  • They are very pest and disease resistant.

Planting and Sunlight

You can plant camellias in the garden or in pots, and they adapt well to their environment. Before removing them from the pot, water generously, this will help reduce plant shock and make it easier to remove. Whether planting in the garden or a pot, we recommend using Amgrow’s Gardenia, Azalea & Camellia Mix. It’s our top pick for both potting and planting and supports excellent root development.

They grow well in partially shady to sunny spots in the garden. If they are in a pot feel free to move them around during to get the most of them.

Watering and Feeding

They love to be kept moist but never waterlogged. Vary watering based on weather conditions. As general rule water more during the hotter periods and less during the winter.

In summer, water intensely to help promote healthy new growth. Once they are established, they need less water. Potted camellias need less water than ones planted in the garden. If potted plants are standing in a bowl of water, you may need to reduce water or improve drainage.

At the beginning of spring, we suggest adding a slow release fertiliser. When feeding spread the fertiliser equally towards the outer edges of the plant. Never fertilise near the base of the camellia.


Pruning your camellias is not something you should be scared of, in fact, it can be an enriching experience and doing so can yield thicker, bushier and healthier plants. Camellias are considered disease and pest resistant, the majority of plants will never experience any problems.