Ferns are beautiful tropical plants that add colour and life. With their lush green ‘jungle’ vibes and elegant fan-like leaves, these vibrant plants will look fantastic in both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Cotton Candy Fern
Dypsis Golden Cane Palm
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You’ll find a huge range of different ferns here at Diacos. These diverse, prehistoric plants make a beautiful addition to any style of garden. They are highly versatile and can be kept indoors in a pot or planted outdoors as foliage – it’s all up to you!

With their intricate fanning leaves and delicate green fronds, ferns are one of our favourite plants to grow. Despite their light and elegant appearance, they are hardy plants that are easy to care for when done right. Others, like the Maidenhair Fern, are a bit fussier.

They look best when they’re paired with other rainforest plants like palms, exotics and tropical fruit trees. Combine these plants to create a laid-back tropical retreat in your very own garden!  Read on to explore our range and learn how to care for them.


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They make great indoor plants, but they are more likely to dry out. Our friendly gardening experts are always happy to talk with you about your garden design.

Did you know?

There’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to ferns! Here are some of our favourite fun facts about this beautiful and enigmatic plant species.


They don’t drop seeds. Most people know that ferns don’t flower, but did you know that they don’t drop seeds at all? Instead, they reproduce from tiny, dust-like spores that form underneath the leaves. They’re easy to clean up and easy to propagate.

They are prehistoric! Ferns are one of the most ancient things on earth, first originating over 300 million years ago. By the time dinosaurs started munching down on ferns, these plants had already been around for tens of millions of years.

They are everywhere. Most ferns kept in gardens come from the rainforest, but they’re a surprisingly diverse plant species. You’ll find different types growing on every single continent, even amongst the freezing deserts of Antarctica.

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