Quick Guide: Leucadendrons

We Love Leucandendrons - Diaco's Garden Nursery

A native to South Africa, leucadendrons are beautiful. 

They attract birds and have a long lasting cut flower. They are drought tolerant, and only need to be watered during particularly dry periods.

Quick Tips

  • Plant in well drained, slightly acidic soil in an open and sunny position.
  • Prune after flowering to maintain size and shape.
  • In colder periods, avoid summer or autumn pruning which would promote frost tender growth.

Sunlight and Placement

Leucadendrons thrive in sunlight. The more sun they have, the more flowers bloom. An open sunny spot with plenty of air circulation is a winner. They will love you for it. A raised bed is ideal. If you grow them in the shade, they will tend to be less vivid in color.


Established plants have low water requirements. Water them once a week especially during dry periods or when they flower. Potted or young plants tend to dry out faster, so water a bit more often.  When watering keep the leaves from getting wet, water deeply once per week instead of lightly every day.

Soil and Drainage

They do well in coastal areas,  in poor and salty soils. They struggle with humidity and frost isn’t their friend.  Leucadendrons have a root system that absorbs nutrients quickly. They only need a small amount of slow-release fertilizer. We recommend using Natural Natives from Grow Better, which is also great for native plants.

Mulch is essential; it will restrict weed growth but remember to leave some space around the main stem. Leucadendrons are prone to collar rot.  Another great tip is that they don’t like it when weeds are pulled out near the surface roots, mulch will help with that.