Top 10 Plants to Plant this Season

By October 16, 2017 November 8th, 2017 No Comments

There’s a change in the wind. It no longer has the frosty bit of Winter, but the promise of warmer weather that comes with Spring.

When the weather is right, you have to take advantage of it. To help you with this, we’ve got the top 10 plants you should plant this season.

1. Raphiolepis ‘Oriental Pearl’

As a low-growing, dense and evergreen shrub the Oriental Pearl blooms an abundance of white flowers with pink stamens from early Autumn to late Spring. The attractive glossy foliage is dark green and contrasts well with the massed display of flowers.

How to: Find a balance for the Oriental Pearl to grow in full sun to partial shade. The best flowers bloom in full sun. Adaptable to most soils, the Oriental Pearl prefers rich and well drained soil with chunky mulch. Prune only to shape as they have a naturally rounded shape and are suited for a hedge.

2. Chinese Star Jasmine

The highlight of this evergreen climber is the mass of sweetly fragrant, starry white flowers that bloom in Summer. Slow growing in early stages but will flourish when established into glossy and dark green foliage

How to: Best planted in Spring, Star Jasmine needs enough time to settle in before the cold weather hits. Jasmine is fairly easy going when it comes to soil, just make sure that wherever you plant has good drainage. The more sun it gets, the more water it needs to flourish. Water regularly as it establishes.

3. Camellia Sweet Jane

The Camellia Sweet Jane is an Australian Camellia bred for Australian conditions. Camellia’s display a lush double pink bloom over rich green foliage and look stunning when grown in mass.

How to:  Plant your Camellia’s in full sun or part shade. Ensure that your soil is rich and well drained and make sure you regularly water through the first summer.

4. Azalea Encore

Boasting a beautiful flower, the Azalea Encores blooms in Spring, Summer and Autumn.  Drought tolerant, you’ll enjoy a diverse range of bold and beautiful flowers through the seasons.

How to: Give your Azalea’s a little extra water in early Spring as they begin to bloom. This is especially important if the weather has been dry. You should also mulch with chunky bark to reduce water evaporation.

5. Forest Pansy

The perfect tree for gardens and backyards. Forest Pansy redbuds have a lovely and shiny heart shaped leaf that grows in purple and changes to maroon.

How to: Choose your Forest Pansy tree location carefully as they don’t transplant well. Forest Pansies thrive in deep well drained fertile soil. Pick a spot in partial shade if your Summers are hot, and in sunny locations if your Summer is mild.

6. Magnolia Teddy Bear

The Magnolia Teddy Bear is a very compact grower with an upright, conical habit. This plant has medium to large  shiny, dark green oval leaves that produce beautiful and fragrant flowers.

How to: Magnolia’s love sun, so position yours in full sun with shelter from the hot afternoon shade. Magnolias also need protection from the wind – strong winds can bruise their precious flowers. Plant in well-drained soil with added compost and manure.

7. Hebe Pretty ‘n’ Pink

Hebe Pretty ‘n’ Pink is a stunning new release ground cover/ shrub. Fantastic green and burgundy foliage is complemented during Autumn and Winter with an explosion of masses of lovely pink flowers.

How to: The Hebe Pretty ‘n’ Pink prefers a sunny or partially shaded position in well-draining soil. Tolerates dry conditions once established. Lightly prune to maintain compactness, but avoid pruning beyond the foliage.

8. Acacia Lime Magik

An Australian native, the Acacia Lime Magik is a large shrub to small tree, with striking hanging, lime green foliage. It produces an abundance of soft yellow flowers throughout late Winter to Spring. An excellent foliage plant that can be used for screening and feature planting.

How to:  The best spot for Acacia Lime Magik is in a sunny and well drained area. Keep the soil constantly moist and prune back one third after flowering.

9. Iberis

An evergreen, spreading, herbaceous perennial producing beautiful, small, pure-white flowers during late Spring. An excellent edging plant for borders or walkways. Also makes an ideal groundcover for smaller areas.

How to: Iberis love a sunny position in watered and well drained soil. Deadhead regularly to encourage continuous blooming.

10. Dwarf Lemon Meyer Tree

Dwarf Citrus trees are ideal for courtyards and pots. Growing less than half the size of a normal citrus tree, they still produce the same ratio of fruit.

How to: Meyer trees need at least six hours of sun. Plant a healthy tree attached to a rootstock. Seed grown trees are often unhealthy and may not reach the point of flowering or produce fruit.  Soil conditions when growing these lemons should be well-draining; however, the soil must hold enough water to remain moist. Allow soil to dry out only slightly between waterings.

Remember that not every garden is suitable for every plant. But, don’t let that stop you! Shop online or visit us in store for advice on how to create your dream garden.