If you’re looking for a plant that is both beautiful and easy to care for, the Ficus Lyrata Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig is the perfect choice! This compact plant features massive, glossy leaves with deep veins of dark green. The shape of the leaves brings to mind a fiddle or lyre, making it a truly unique addition to any home or garden.


The Ficus Lyrata Bambino is best suited to a tropical or subtropical climate, but can also be grown indoors. It prefers a well-drained, fertile soil and should be placed in a position that offers filtered light. If you are growing it indoors, mist the leaves during warm weather and over winter if the climate is dry. Wipe the leaves with a wet cloth periodically to remove any dust buildup. Protect from frost if you are growing it outdoors.


With its stunning foliage and easy care requirements, the Ficus Lyrata Bambino Fiddle Leaf Fig is sure to become a favorite in your home or garden!

Additional Information:

L x W x H: N/A
Weight: N/A
Exposure: Partial Shade/Sun
Choose a Pot Size: 14 cm, 20 cm