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Explore our range of ornamental grasses and strappy leaf plants. Hardy and versatile, these plants will elevate your garden design. Grasses and strappy leaf plants are low-maintenance and easy to care for.

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Ornamental grasses and strappy plants make a fantastic addition to any garden. These hardy, low-maintenance plants are easy to care for and will thrive in almost any condition! We stock a wide range of exotic and native grasses here at Diacos.

These versatile plants have really revolutionised garden design. Grasses look great as a focal point for your garden, as a border around beds, or even as a gap-filler. There are so many different and exciting ways you can incorporate grasses into your garden design. 

You’ll also find plenty of strappy leaf plants in our store. Strappy leaf plants are plants that have a grass-like growth habit but are not grasses. With long, strap-like leaves and a central stemming point, these drought-tolerant plants have no trouble with Australian climates.


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Transform your garden into a vibrant tapestry of colors, textures, and movement with our selection of ornamental grasses. Picture the striking Blue Fescue, with its dazzling blue hue, creating a stunning contrast amidst the greens of your garden, while being effortlessly drought-tolerant. Envision the unique Kangaroo Paw, with its bird-attracting flowers, adding a playful touch of texture and color. The rugged Lomandra, a champion of low-maintenance landscaping, thrives in diverse soil types, proving that beauty can indeed be resilient.

Imagine Dianella, a delightful spectacle with its bright blue berries and flowers, inviting a symphony of wildlife into your space. Tussock Grass waves its wild, clumping fronds, creating a meadow-like charm that’s simply enchanting. Then there’s the whimsical Foxtail Grass, its fluffy, tail-like spikes dancing in the breeze, adding a soft, dreamy quality to your garden tableau.

Not to be overlooked, Devon Skies, with its compact form, offers a structured elegance perfect for smaller spaces or as an exquisite border. Mondo Grass is a lush, deep green marvel, ideal for creating a seamless ground cover that feels like walking on a plush, green carpet. And finally, the versatile Liriopes, with their striking purple spikes, are not just a feast for the eyes but a testament to adaptability, thriving from sun-drenched spots to shaded corners.

Each of these ornamental grasses is not just a plant but a character in the story of your garden, bringing their unique qualities to create a living, breathing masterpiece that changes with the seasons and enchants all year round.

Did you know?

They are a great choice for beginner gardeners! Most ornamental grasses are highly adaptable plants that are easy to grow and require very little attention. Here are 3 reasons why grasses and strappy leaf plants make for a great low-effort, low-maintenance garden.

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Grasses are drought tolerant. Grasses and strap leaf plants can survive for long periods without water once established. They also tolerate frost, salt, humidity and wind. This makes them a great fit for the often harsh extremes of Australian climates.

They get along with most soils. They are also unfussy about the soil they live in. As long as the soil has good drainage, your grass should grow in it. Grass roots can even increase soil stability and help to prevent soil erosion in your garden.

They’re fast growing! If you find that waiting for results from your garden tends to test your patience a little bit, definitely try planting grasses or strap leaf plants. Most species will grow very quickly, and without needing too much help.

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