Ways To Make Your Garden Look Amazing

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Everyone wants their garden to look amazing and that has never been more true than now. It’s our little or big place to unwind, whether that means getting our hands dirty, chilling, spending quality time with the family, or doing an outdoor barbecue cook-up. The garden is our safe space and sanctuary. 

We are sharing some simple tips on how to zhuzh up your garden style and create a mini paradise. Be proud of your garden and create one that inspires the neighbours. 

We’ve kept things simple, so many of our tips don’t involve bank-breaking expenses or labour. 

The Lawn

Even if you are a staunch waterer of your lawn, you can take it to the next level by edging it. Giving it some structure, whether you use a round shape or keep it rectangular. Edging can neaten it up and give it that professional, manicured look. There are many options for the edges – wood, metal, or stone, and you can go for a classy, minimalist look or something a bit more decorative and ornate. And surrounding it with white pebbles or gravel is the icing on the cake. 

Pot Plants and Hanging Baskets

If you’re pushed for space, or entirely lacking the green fingers required to turn over, plant, and maintain flower beds, pot plants are a great way to surround yourself with flowers. 

You can buy ready-planted pots, but they are easy enough to start from scratch, and only require regular watering to stay alive. And there are pots of all shapes, sizes, and designs to choose from to suit gardens of all sizes and gardeners of all tastes. Hanging baskets are also great to create an atmosphere and an immersive garden experience with little horticultural effort


Gardens have to have some items in them which are practical but unsightly. Maybe your shed is a bit shabby, or you keep your trash or recycling out the back. Screening is a great technique to ensure that you see the bits of your garden you want to see. 

Climbing plants are an excellent way to block out uglier elements or soften harsh walls or fences, and perfect if your garden is on the smaller side – they take up almost no space and won’t infringe on your other plants or surfaces. Bamboo is also a popular screening option, with a classy look, or choose willow for some elegance. 


To create tones and atmosphere, you should consider installing garden lighting. Wall washing lights create a dreamy effect, whereas spotlights and bollard lighting can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing. Many people use fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere, and if you live somewhere with a colder climate, there are combination heater lights available. Another popular option is solar lighting – install some stake lights around the lawn which come on as the sun sets for a gentle, soothing vibe. 


If you don’t have a patio, laying one will give you a great space to relax and barbecue with family and friends. They don’t have to cost the earth either, and if you have time, energy, and skills, you can do it yourself. If you already have one, borrowing or hiring a pressure washer to take away a layer (or many) of dirt and grime will have a significant effect – even if it doesn’t seem dirty to the naked eye, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the result. 


Upcycling adds character, and it’s a great way to use old materials for breathing new life into your garden. There are thousands of ideas to inspire you, whether you use old shelves or tables, quirky fashion planters, or use an old bicycle as a feature. 

Anything you have stashed away in storage (or anything you can find in a skip or on a street corner) can be transformed into something special to make your garden unique. It is also a great way to reduce waste – the market for second-hand furniture is depleting year by year – doing your bit for the environment.

Your garden is full of potential, whether you are into gardening or not. Gardens boost our physical and mental health, and taking the time to elevate yours into something special will reap dividends in the future, and give you a source of pride and wellbeing.

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