Mediterranean Garden

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Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Garden brings together strong European design elements and hardy plants that thrive under a hot Mediterranean sun.

This beautiful style of garden is low maintenance, functional, simple and striking. Think stone pathways, garden patios and brightly coloured plants to contrast against faded greens.

Incorporating rustic urns or pots can also add to the European feel. Whether you are looking for a practical, low maintenance garden, wanting to experiment with edibles or strong design features, or to create a Tuscan paradise in which to sit and entertain guests, the Mediterranean Garden will suit you.

In a small suburban space, Dwarf Cyprus can be used, and a bird bath can help to attract some wildlife.

In large gardens, you have the space to incorporate granitic gravel garden walkways, sitting areas and courtyards, as well as garden beds filled with river stones or hardy plants that require little maintenance.