Watering your plants – when and how much?

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watering plants

Everybody knows that watering is the most important aspect of garden care. Plants need water to survive, maintain their health and grow. Plants also mostly consist of water. It is essential to the function of their internal systems. However, overwatering can be dangerous or even deadly, so it’s vital to strike the correct balance!

Check Soil Moisture

The most obvious and foolproof method of checking if a plant needs watering is to simply feel the soil, and see if it is moist or dry. To understand this further you can identify the type of soil your plants are growing in. For example, clay soil tends to retain moisture for much longer, whereas sand is the opposite. Knowing the soil type can help with planning watering schedules.


The time of day you are watering your plants also influences how much water the plants can absorb. The ideal time to water your plants is early in the morning, allowing the plant enough time to absorb the water and convert it into energy as the sun gets hotter.

Keep the leaves dry!

Make sure to aim for the base of the plant, avoiding the leaves and aiming for the roots. Also, aim to get the water deep into the soil. Not only will this limit the amount of water lost to evaporation but also help your plants develop stronger, deeper and more resilient root systems. Light watering forces the roots to become shallow and vulnerable to rotting.

Know your plant’s needs

The best way to learn about your plant’s needs is through experience! While research will help, you’re going to get the best results through trial and error. Each plant is different and will show different signs when they are watered and in good health.

Choose your weapon

There are three main methods to watering your garden: the garden hose, drip irrigation and sprinkler. The hose is the most basic and works best for flower beds and small gardens. Drip irrigation aims to minimise water wastage and allows a slow, steady drip of water, maximising absorption. It works well for garden beds while it is not very effective for lawns, shrubs and trees. The sprinkler system is the most popular of the watering techniques. You can customise your sprinkler system to suit your gardens needs and deliver the correct amount of water at the right time of day!

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