Feeding Young Minds: Our First Children’s Gardening Workshop

By May 9, 2016 May 30th, 2019 No Comments
Chantal Tenace

With a vision to ‘bring back your local garden nursery’, Diaco’s Garden Nursery have felt for a while now that we need to start being even more involved with our local community.

We know that people come to our nurseries for expert advice on gardening, great quality plants, and sometimes just for a friendly chat! And of course, our team delivers, with service that goes above and beyond, because we love sharing our knowledge and helping out fellow gardening enthusiasts.

But we recently asked ourselves: what more can we do for our community?

Last month at Diaco’s Garden Nursery Mornington we ran our very first children’s gardening workshop, with children from a local school coming in to learn about gardening.

Instructed by our partner and friend Chantal Terrace from Garden Soiree, they learnt about how to plant seeds, how to care for and water their plants, and how to grow things in their own garden. The children got to get their hands dirty and put their new skills to practice, each taking home a special seedling that they planted by themselves during the workshop session.

The workshop was a raging success, with great feedback from parents, teachers, and (most importantly) the children themselves!

Children Gardening

We feel it’s a part of our responsibility and mission, as your local garden nursery, to pass on our knowledge about the environment and growing plants to the next generation. We have the opportunity to teach these young minds about the value of growing plants, herbs and vegetables, so they can recognise that their food doesn’t just come from the supermarket, but that they can be involved in growing it themselves.

The children’s gardening workshop was a huge learning experience, not just for the kids that attended, but for us too! Our team were blown away by the children’s enthusiasm and engagement, and we hope they take their new skills and knowledge home with them.

Perhaps they can even teach their parents a thing or two!