How to grow and care for Succulents?

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Succulents are beautiful. They are delicate, sturdy, bold, bright, soft and decorative. 

They are understated in the world of plants and provide splashes of deep colour – from shades of blue to green, red, purple and orange.  Ideally suited to a sun-loving courtyard and patio table.

Quick Tips

  • They need about half a day’s worth of sunlight. If they do not have enough light, they begin to stretch.
  • Succulents do not need a lot of water. More water less often is perfect. Allow the soil to dry out.
  • Use a quality potting mix to improve drainage and promote healthy roots.

Sunlight and Placement

They love the sunlight. Typically, Succulents need about a half a day’s worth. If they don’t get enough light, you will find that they start to stretch. Stretching is when leaves become more separated, and the stem grows longer and droopy.


Succulents need plenty of water, provide more water less often. The trick is to let the soil dry out between watering. Their fleshy leaves and stems retain a lot of water.

To avoid overwatering, we recommend the squeeze test. Grab a small handful of soil around the base of the stem.  Squeeze the dirt into the palm of your hand then open.

  1. Just Right – It will hold its shape, and when you give it a light poke, it crumbles.
  2. Too Wet – It will hold its shape, and, when poked, sits stubbornly in your hand.
  3. Too dry – It will fall apart as soon as you open your hand.

Soil and Drainage

Use a high-quality potting mix. We recommend Attunga Cacti & Succulent Potting Mix.  Great soil means better drainage and a healthy root system. Your succulents will love you for it and will reward you with their striking character and elegance.

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