Top 5 Tips to Prepare Your Lawn For Spring

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Lawn Tips

Think of your garden as a blank canvas. It’s a space where you get to paint whatever picture you want.  Not sure where to start? Here’s a tip – the lawn!

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Yes, it’s still Winter. It’s still cold and frosty. But, don’t let that get you out of the garden. Winter is the perfect time to prepare your garden for Spring – the season your garden will bloom.

Follow these 5 steps, and you can help prevent your lawn from being overtaken by weeds or die from drought.

1. Rake it!

Raking isn’t just for removing leaves and debris, it’s the best way to free matted patches of grass. Before you begin raking, look around and find matted patches where grass blades are stuck together. This is often caused by a disease called ‘snow mould.’ The reason we need to get rid of matted patches is because new grass struggles to grow in areas it can’t access air.

2. Fertilising

Fertilising your lawn and reinvigorating its nutrients gets your lawn out of its Winter hibernation. Fertilising and Top Dressing will give your lawn strength to withstand the stress brought on by the Summer months. We recommend  Top Soil Improver to get the job done.

3. Don’t underseed, overseed

The Winter months can make your lawn sparse and bare. If your lawn is looking a little sad, now is the time to apply grass seed to fill those damaged turf areas.

However, beware of any pre-emergent weed control you may be applying to your lawn. A weed controller is nonselective and will prevent any seeds from germinating.  Get your lawn growing again by overseeding before you begin weeding. Try Couch Lawn Seed or Kikuyu Lawn Seed.

4. Pre-emergent Weed Control

If you usually experience a weed problem, then fertilisation in Winter should go hand in hand with the application of pre-emergent weed control aka pre-emergent herbicides. Pre-emergent weed control works against weed seeds and grass seeds, and act as a barrier that stops seed germination.

5. Hydrate

We all water our lawns often, however it’s better to water your lawn when it really needs it – and with a lot of it. By watering deep and less often, you will train the grass roots of your lawn to grow deeper into the soil. A Wetting Agent improves the penetration of water so that it can reach down the roots without leaving dry spots.

Special Mention

Your lawn sets the scene for your garden. With the perfect lawn, you can then frame it with beautiful flora and fauna and create a landscape you love. After caring for your lawn, look to the flower and plants surrounding it. One of the best products on the market to help encourage healthy plant growth is Amgrow’s Seaweed Concentrate.

Amgrow’s Seaweed Concentrate is a complete garden health treatment:

  • It stimulates strong root growth
  • Helps plants cope with all kinds of stress, such as heat, drought and frost
  • Gives plants better resistance to sucking insects and fungal attack
  • Safe to use on all plants including natives at any time