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Healthy and Lush Gardens this Season

Summer can be tough on both the garden and the gardener.

Take advantage of Australia’s rising temperature with some heat resilient plants. With the help of our monthly specials, you can hang back, relax and enjoy a beautiful, low maintenance garden for years to come.  

For a touch of colour

Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Centre

Our absolute favourite this month is the unique Purple Fountain Grass. With a romantic deep burgundy colour and soft fox-tail like blooms, it’s hard to believe it takes little to no care to thrive.

Dry and hot weather doesn’t mean you can’t have a pop of colour in the garden. Add the Leucadendron into the mix for a streak of amber and maroon to the garden. It will do exceptionally, as this plant is native to South Africa and can naturally withstand heat for extended periods.

Subtle and dainty, the Australian native Westringia Wynyabbie Gem will bloom little purple flowers all year round, presenting long lasting accents of beautifully coloured foliage in your garden. Prune them lightly as you go to encourage the softer new growth.

Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Center

If you’re looking for something that will create a formal statement to your garden, you’ll love the Magnolia Little Gem. It has beautiful, creamy white, fragrant, cup-shaped flowers in Spring and Summer. The leaves are glossy dark green with an attractive underside of soft, velvety brown. It makes a great luscious tree, not too big, but not too small. It can be a feature, planted on its own, or mass planted to create a stunning green wall.

Healthy Greens

Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Center

If colour isn’t your thing, we have a couple of options that can keep your garden looking lusciously green and healthy. The Lomandra Little Pal creates a great effect when planted in a group. The vibrant, upright, green foliage will add a fresh look to your driveway, courtyard or garden. It is drought, frost and salt tolerant when established and suitable for inland or coastal planting.

Another great hedge option is the Pittosporum Silver Sheen. It has a beautiful bushy growth. They are extremely quick growing, and its leaves are small and glossy, with a hint of silver. See it grow into a beautiful ‘silvery wall’ to create privacy.

Cordyline Sundance Diaco's Garden Nursery - Garden Center

Lastly, our Cordyline Sundance requires very little attention, perfect for those on the lookout for a low maintenance plant. It’ll do well in both shaded or sunny areas, in pots or on the ground.

For more sun-loving plants, you can visit our monthly specials page. All the plants listed above are on special at your nearest Diaco’s Garden Nursery.